We could see a broad smile as they walked towards the ground holding the golf kits; though the bag was heavy, it did not demote their confidence, as they were seen happily carrying it on their tiny shoulders. They also spoke about the heroics of golf stars, such as Brooke Henderson, Rory Mcllroy, Tiger Woods, until they reached the Ghala Golf Club.

Maraam Al Mughairy, Asma Al Rashdi, and Huwaida Al Barwani were along with their coach Milo Breitenwischer, who was encouraging the team with handy tips. They went on a practice period, before they diverted their attention to chipping and putting. 

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This training session had started last year as a part of Oman Golf Committee’s ladies program, which has helped these ladies to sharpen their golfing capabilities and also prompted them to achieve bigger goals. 

One of the students Asma said – “Sports never figured in my wish list until I fell in love with golf. In fact, I have to thank my mother for prodding me to play the game. I came to the golf course without genuine interest, but the first training session changed my perspective. I realised I had the opportunity to be a champion. Now, I am seriously pursuing my dream. Huwaida, yet another pupil said her interest with the game started 2 years ago and training session helped her to realize that golf is not challenging others, but herself. She feels lucky to be a part of the team and hopes to become a professional athletic in near future. 

Maraam Al Mughairy joined the club, said she failed to keep up with the momentum as she failed to attend the session on a regular basis, but Oman Golf Committee’s help has brought her back into field and she learnt to play golf seriously. 

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People questioned when OGC decided to put newbie to the team, including Asma, Huwaida. But, they played very well against the seasoned golfers from the area. This game gave Asma and Huwaida unexpected stardom and could hone their skills. Maraam feels she needs to improve as she faces problems with bunker shots. Huwaida faces concentration issues and found it difficult to play a perfect shot. 

Milo Breitenwischer is a taskmaster and he was all in praise for the girls, as they were found to be mature, regular, responsible, and had the right attitude. Since they had great enthusiasm, they were always ready for new challenges and new skills to learn. 


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