People in the current world have become very smart. They do not like sticking on to one job for long. Each one of them has been exploring different options to make their life better. The serial entrepreneurship these days has become a common thing among people. You might have come across a lot of people who set up a business and give it all they have to see the business blossom and then sell it for a good price and reinvest in new business. This is kind of trend in business these days. Have you been a part of this trend? 

Here are some signs that indicate you might be a serial entrepreneur.

  1. Restlessness for Years: There are some people who get bored after starting up a business for the first time; however, there are businessmen who are absolutely restless even after 4 to 5 years of starting the business. They get so charged up every day and bring out the best for their business. Being restless in not at all a bad thing; it shows how much they love their job that they are totally into the business.

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  2. Being a Customer Centric Entrepreneur: Some of the entrepreneurs start off with a good business that is successful and later on move with the business and provide a helping hand to the company to make sure that the business will be here for a long time. However, there are some businessmen who are just not happy with one business; after one business is set up, they move on to the other. These are the people who will not rest till they convert an idea into a business. These people actually look for problems from the perspective of a customer and come up with an idea to solve that, and in the process make a business out of the idea.

  3. The Fear of Regret Is in You: Most often, we would have heard that the entrepreneurs say that they are not afraid about failure, but are afraid of regret. They feel that they should not be looking back at their life and regret that they missed an opportunity to start a business. Failure in business is not something that scares businessmen as they are well prepared for that. However, they are always positive, each time they start a business. If you have the fear of regret that you missed a chance of converting an idea into a business, then this is an indication that you might just be a serial entrepreneur.

  4. The Business Was Started before It Could Be Driven:  Many entrepreneurs are not happy about start-ups as they are pretty greedy. There are people who just hope that in the next 5 years they can actually sell their business for about some hundreds of dollars; however, that is not something that drives the smart entrepreneurs. What actually drives an entrepreneur is facing more tough challenges in the business and coming out of it in flying colors.

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  5. You Feel the Present Company Will Not Make Money:  A serial entrepreneur will make a constant analysis about his business. The moment he feels that the current company is not going to be making a good business, he will quickly channelize his effort and attention on starting a better business. 

These are some of the signs that indicate you might be a serial entrepreneur. 


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